Student support & services

Theatre training is very arduous. Demands on young students are both mental and physical and they are tested every day. The directors, through the experience of their own professional careers, understand the pressures well. A clear structure and thorough support network is in place to help facilitate these student services.

MPA regularly consults with developments from the dance industry bodies such as One Dance UK and the CDET and has in place quality assurance structures to review and update its practices to provide students with the best possible support.

We try to help students find a doctor and dentist, but these services fall into the category of private medicine. Private Medical Insurance is strongly advised for all students to assist them with getting early and specific treatment, when needed. MPA can provide details of suitable policies upon registration. Please note that the fees for all specialist treatments are the responsibility of the student.

All students are advised to insure their personal belongings.

Physical injuries

All usual physical injuries are reported to Cédric Chapelin B. Ost, who is a specialist osteopath consultant, fully qualified masseur and first aid certified. The injury is assessed and the appropriate action taken. Students are instructed not to deal with their own injuries however simple they may appear. Every physical injury is logged.

Our Consultant Chartered Physiotherapist Shirley Hancock, MCSP SRP ONC, works closely with the school. Shirley holds a surgery at the school fortnightly and she receives students at her practice. She conducts our Injury Prevention lectures. We are lucky that we have the Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust in the immediate vicinity in case of serious injury.

We furthermore have the services of Nutritionist Jasmine Challis, who holds very regular lectures and surgery at MPA.

Recovery is monitored by Sarah Hanson, our Head of Student Welfare. Necessary timetable changes will be made to assist recovery.

Mental agility

Fuschia Peters BA Hons; BSc Psychology; BACP Member; Dip. Counselling, an experienced onsite counsellor is available throughout the academic year. Mental health and well-being are recognised as important factors in supporting the student. Fuschia’s appointments are always private and can only be referred to appropriate staff with consent from the student. The college has various other professional counselling services for referral, if the need arises.

At the start of the student’s journey into this profession, lectures, discussions and strategies are introduced to help prepare them emotionally and psychologically for the jump in demand and expectation they now face.

Year tutors

Each student has a Year Tutor with whom they have regular contact, either in the form of group tutorials or individually as required. The Year Tutors help guide the students through life at college. Issues of a more personal nature are referred (with student consent) to the Head of Student Welfare. Each student also has a number of Course Tutors who deal with specific techniques and contextual studies. Students have frequent tutorials written into the timetable and can request private meetings at any time.

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties are supported through the Head of Learning and Teaching, in line with Millennium Performing Arts’ Specific Learning Difficulties Support Policy.

 Student Representation

Students elect representatives annually; they co-ordinate its work and represent the student body in discussions with management. Students are also represented on the Board of Studies and the Course Committees, enabling them to contribute to the development of policy at Millennium Performing Arts.