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Audition Procedure for entry 2022

As we prepare for new student application and audition processes that suit the conditions of 2021.  Our students’ and guests’ health and safety will always be our priority and we will continue our strict protocols both inside and outside our studios to remain responsive to Government guidelines and local requirements to ensure we uphold our civic responsibility through this challenging time.

 In view of developments and with the academic year calendar pushing on, we have taken the decision to continue to allow prospective students to audition for any of Millennium’s courses through submission of a VIDEO recording. We will also return to LIVE auditions from December 2021 onwards and envisage that these will go on through to April 2022. If you are interested in any course, please start by completing the Application form on the website and we will then be in contact as soon as possible.

The Practical AUDITION for MPA

Criteria: Physical Talent, Performance Quality, Determination / Mental Suitability.


VIDEO material:

We are keen that each individual student can show their talent, so we ask that you use your discretion and if there is something you truly feel we need to see, please do include this. Normally all auditionees would be asked to participate in the full day of the audition, so we would have ample opportunity to see you at your very best and this needs to translate to what you show us in your video.

We ask that an auditionee records about 15 minutes of dance, including some technical Ballet or Contemporary Dance exercises and at least one Jazz Dance or Contemporary Dance routine of minimum 60 seconds long. If the student is auditioning for the Musical Theatre course, please include one solo song and one monologue, each of at least 2 minutes duration. The best format for us to see a student in is MP4, although others are acceptable, however please be aware that any issues in us being able to view the material will mean we would need to ask you to resubmit the video in a format we can view.


A normal audition would consist of three dance techniques: Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Isolation Technique and then, dependant on the choice of course, Singing and Acting abilities would be tested. Dance solos are not normally required. A short physical examination might follow. The audition panel would grade the students. The grading is simple and consists of the following marks:

Excellent ~ The student is able to display a skilful level of control and understanding of the subject being marked. A student must show commitment and respond immediately to direction.

Good ~ The student is able to demonstrate capable control and understanding of the subject being marked. The student must show commitment and respond easily and willingly to direction.

Satisfactory ~ The student is able to demonstrate sufficient control and understanding of the subject being marked. A student must show commitment and willingness to improve.

Poor ~ The student is unable to show control, even though there may be some understanding of the subject being marked. The student must be eager and willing to improve.

The preceding markings are for technical merit. Marking for performance quality in each subject carry the same value. We aim to keep the same format for marking the video material. Should we feel it necessary, we may ask for additional material. The successful candidate must have the majority of marks in the satisfactory category or above to gain entry to Millennium. The students and families are invited to raise any general question they might have through email to the audition secretary. Occasionally the audition panel may request further information.

We would be able to provisionally accept a student on video evidence basis and we would then invite every successful video auditionee to come and visit us. We feel it is important to have a good inkling of the situation awaiting you in your training. We envisage that a visit to Millennium will be possible at a later date in the new year. A final decision would be made after the visit and on agreement to proceed by both parties.

Some further background information:


This is just a few of our alumni who have gone to live their dream and perform on stage for a living, many of the below professionals also teach at MPA, when their schedule allows:

Kimball Wong – Principal dancer with Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

Cassidy Janson – recently won the Olivier Award for her role in ‘& Juliet’. She has also played Carole King in the hit West End show ‘Beautiful’ and has recently co-starred with Kelsey Grammer in Man of La Mancha at the London Coliseum

Kellianna Jay – Ensemble Dreamgirls, UK Tour

Daniel Davidson – principal dancer with Rambert Dance Co

Danny Collins – principal dancer with New Adventures; appeared in the ‘Cats’ film

Curtis Angus – appearing in Hamilton, West End

Yuki Abe – appearing in Vanara, the Musical, Hackney Empire, London

Ross McLaren – appearing as Luca McIntyre in Doctors on BBC

Jackson Bews – last appeared in Catch 22, directed by George Clooney; previously starred in Maleficent with Angelina Jolie


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