Millennium Professional Performing Arts Diploma

Musical Theatre or Dance Option

The Millennium Professional Diploma in Performance is a private training course that leads to an internally awarded professional qualification. Students elect to follow either musical theatre or dance pathways.

The diploma course focuses on professional-level, work-based practice designed to ensure graduates  are fully prepared for their chosen career. The key subject elements are taught by highly-experienced industry professionals who are also experts in teaching and learning.

Students can join the Trinity College London Level 6 Professional Diploma in their third year if they want to pursue an educational qualification.

Course duration:

Full course structure – three levels over three years.

Each level course is two terms.

Course includes:

This pathway covers all major dance and/or musical theatre techniques including: ballet, technical jazz dance, contemporary dance, commercial jazz, tap, partnering, core strengthening through body management classes, singing and/or vocal skills, musicianship, acting and/or voice, workshops and contextual studies. 

We focus on the full development of each individual student by recognising individual needs and aspirations.