Sarjan Hira

MPA 1st Year

Since joining Millennium only 7 months ago, and now coming to the end of my second full term, my whole lifestyle has changed. Never before did I honestly realise how much I enjoy Musical Theatre. Before coming to Millennium, I always thought of myself more of a singer/actor rather than a dancer, and that’s the main reason for me choosing this course because of the highly skilled level of dance training we receive and therefore allowing me to improve my technique and performing to the best of my ability. So far, my time at Millennium has only been a joy with passion & motivation from all the staff, making my training an adventurous experience. Yes, sometimes everybody has off days, but it’s on these days where you’re in a jazz class forgetting about everything else and just enjoying yourself, that allows for me to push myself further each time. With little ballet experience before joining Millennium, I never thought I would enjoy ballet classes, but now these are lessons which I love with a passion and in which I try to be the most productive. I also put in extra work outside of class to keep on top of all my training.

Preparing for Assessments can be a stressful period for most people and throughout my Assessment week, there is a danger of feeling overwhelmed by it all. On the Monday it was our musicianship test, based on music terminology and my ability to analyse rhythms, intervals and time signatures etc. The moment building up to the test was difficult, as trying to remember all the terminology for the test became difficult to maintain; when it actually came to the test I found it that it went rather well and was pleased of the outcome.

On Tuesday was our group Acting Assessment. For the Assessment, I had to learn the part of 3 characters from a scene of ‘Mamma Mia’ alongside my peers. So, throughout the whole day and days prior, my peers and I would support by keep running lines, working on character building and the blocking for the scene of each character. Plus, we had to plan costume and set design leading up to our Assessment. When it came to perform, I found it a very relaxed environment with our acting tutor alone assessing our work. Even though it was difficult to memorise 3 different characters for the same scene, it was a good way to show that we can diversify the way we play our characters and I enjoyed rehearsing alongside my peers as it also allowed us to work together for the first time in a drama project.

My final Assessment that commenced on Wednesday was my solo performance. Out of the 3 Assessments within the week, this was the one that concerned me most. My solo performance would be performed in front of a panel and was a very formal layout with timings and costume etc. For my solo Assessment I always wanted to perform a monologue to show skills in what I believe is my strongest genre. On the day there were a lot of nerves as I was one of the last to perform and therefore had to wait before my time came. However, when it came to perform my monologue, I was very pleased with my performance and with the feedback that I received. It opened up greater possibilities and broadened the horizon as to what I will choose for my next solo performance and the material I will choose. The whole experience has been a huge learning opportunity and I do look forward to my next solo assessments.

Millennium strengthening me more each day. I know it is up to me to make sure that I stay productive constantly and push myself further all the time. For example, performing daily stretches which are core, going over dance material such as jazz routines and ballet set barre, going over monologues and researching into context, learning new songs and pushing my repertoire by diversifying the songs I learn, as well as keeping on top of all my written assignments.