Policy Documents

Click on the links below to view the relevant MPA policy document:

Academic Appeals Policy
(Format: PDF | Size: 285KB)
Admissions Policy
(Format: PDF | Size: 335KB)
Complaints Policy
(Format: PDF | Size: 352KB)
Conduct & Discipline Policy
(Format: PDF | Size: 383KB)
Equality & Diversity Policy – pdf 274KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 274KB)
Health & Safety Policy – pdf 278KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 278KB)
Information, Communication & Marketing Policy – pdf 269KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 269KB)
Learner Safeguarding Policy – pdf 335KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 269KB)
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy – pdf 276KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 276KB)

UCA Student Complaints Policy

Access and Participation Statement – pdf 532KB
(Format: PDF | Size: 532KB)