Interview with alumni Kimball Wong

‘Chris Herzfeld’ of ‘Camlight Productions’

Q1 What was it like training at MPA, especially as a male dancer?
I had a fantastic time at MPA and I found the training pivotal towards my career. As a fairly inexperienced dancer the course provided me with the technique training that has been essential to my diverse dance career at home and abroad.  When I teach and pass on knowledge I still give the information and advice I received from Jackie, Ikky, Donald and the fantastic teaching faculty that I was privileged to be trained by during my time at MPA. MPA was the perfect school for me as when I first arrived I wasn’t sure in which direction I wanted my performance career to go. It quickly became clear that dance my was my passion and I found MPA to be an incredibly welcoming environment with clear camaraderie between its students and the amazing faculty.

Q2 Why choose to train at MPA in London and not somewhere else?
I would encourage anyone to train at MPA as the course not only prepared me for professional life but also invigorated me to push myself as hard as I could in all classes giving me a versatile range of techniques throughout the field.

Q3 What’s coming up for Kimball?
I’m currently in my ninth year with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) getting ready to perform a new work by Garry Stewart (Artist Director) called Objekt, this year so far we’ve had two world premiere’s, a brief tour to India and a third world premiere just weeks away, it’s been a busy time.

Q4 How does did it feel to win your award?
I was truly humbled to receive the Helpmann Award for best male dancer this year. I was absolutely shocked when they called my name, I hadn’t even prepared an acceptance speech! I attended the award ceremony with my wonderful partner Kialea-Nadine Williams, I felt blessed and honoured for being recognised in the industry and it was wonderful to have the support of so many of my peers.

Q5 Is there any advice you would offer to auditioning students (any tips for boys)?
For those auditioning my advice would be ~ to be yourself, have fun, work hard and enjoy but also take note auditioning will become a big part of your life.

Q6 Is there any advice you would offer to students who have just graduated (any tips for boys)?
For those graduating my advice would be~ Make sure you’ve set yourself goals and look to exceed them, your dreams can only grow. Source auditions, apprenticeships and to go for anything you’re interested in, every audition is just a part of the learning curve.

I’d just like to thank MPA wholeheartedly for all that they gave me. Without them the career I’ve been lucky enough to live would not have been possible, love you guys. Kimball x